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Get to know Dr. Velazquez


Dr. Ricardo J. Velazquez was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. During his early years he helped and worked very close with his parents who were both Practice physicians in the Dominican Republic. Dr. Ricardo Velazquez had the great opportunity to grow up as a compassionate and caring person that he has become.


Right after middle school and high School Dr. Velazquez spent his time studying medicine with passion and dedication where he became the first Bi-lingual youngest physician to teach basic science in his Alma matter.Dr. Velazquez and his family wanted him to be able to succeed more in life and to follow his father’s foot steps and dreams. Dr. Velazquez successfully passed the U.S. medical license examinations due to his perseverance in life and completed his training in New York City at Woodhull Hospital


Dr. Velazquez became board certified in Internal Medicine and moved to Las Vegas Nevada in 2005 where he has established the great opportunity and build up his experience with the wonderful people in Las Vegas. 


He has been the proud medical director of New Horizons Primary care since 2010. He has been happily married to Mrs. Ligeia Castellanos for over 14 years. They are the proud parents of two daughters Montserrat and Renata Isabella. Dr. Velazquez also has an older daughter named Liah who is pursuing her dream of becoming a Dr in the near future. He loves his family and patients and treats everyone with respect and patience.

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